Thursday, 29 March 2007


mIRC is a downloadable IRC (Internet Relay Chat) cilent. It is by far one of the best, and is the most accessable to access the IRC server. It can host scripts, but most importantly it can access different servers, but you might not want to go to them. I have no idea which servers you might like to connect to, but just a tipoff, every server that I know of starts with 'irc'. Servers ususally are in the format:
A simple script would be, (in the mIRC scripting language), is: on *:ACTION:*:#: { (slaps isin $1-) && ($me isin $1-) { describe $chan slaps $nick back.} } It would 'do' slaps (the name of the person) back. It would be triggered using a '/me slaps (your name)'. Where the 'ACTION:*:#:' is, you could replace the '#' with the 'channel' that it would be triggered, and the '*' Could be replaced by 'slaps', so you could remove the { (slaps isin $1-) && ($me isin $1-) and the last bracket (}) at the end.

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