Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Time flying by....

It hardly seems possible that the end of term is here already! But if you think that one went quickly, don't blink next term or you'll miss it. Only five weeks before CNY and then four more until the Easter break.

It will be even shorter for me as I will be staying in London at the start of next term to visit the BETT Show, widely regarded to be the single most important educational technology show in the world.

Armed with a shopping list I'll be visiting lots of suppliers all keen to do "business" and attending various seminars and workshops, including the widely anticipated TeachMeet.... note start time as Fri 6.00pm!

High up on my must see list is the new Activarena software, which allows multiple users to input onto a whiteboard. Hopefully it will put the interactive into the Interactive White Board, although why Promethean see noughts and crosses as the obvious use for this is not clear! I can foresee that teachers at Kellett will see this has huge potential in the classroom and I'll be hoping that we can get international copies as soon as possible.

Festive greetings and all that...


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I.C.T Year 7

In I.C.T we do a lot! These are a couple of wesites for you to look at to refer back to what we have been doing.

We have been working on newsletters designing, evaluating. This is the website for the amstead newsletter. (note: Amstead is not a real place, don't be fooled!)
Christmas is here! We have been working on christmas websites and evaluating them. This is a website for making snowflakes.
We have been working on google sketch up. It is really fun! Want to download it? Follow this website:
We have also been working with powerpoints, want to make a proffesional powerpoint? Follow this link:

If you have any more ideas anyone, please comment. Thanks

Thursday, 6 December 2007

It's official, Christmas is here!

In the true tradition of Scrooge I have been doing my best to deny the impending arrival of Christmas, but resistance is futile and I've now decided, if you can't beat 'em, join em!

So, for the festive season here are a few websites to visit.

Advent Calendars

Ok, so it's already the 6th of December, but it's easy to catch up;

The Woodlands calendar has geographical links and questions to answer

The Northumberland Grid for Learning site has lots of great content and they're back with a new calendar for 2007.

A few classes have been experimenting with making snowflakes. After creating them with 'virtual scissors' your snowflakes can be saved or even e-mailed dirct from the site.

Make a snowflake here.