Thursday, 6 December 2007

It's official, Christmas is here!

In the true tradition of Scrooge I have been doing my best to deny the impending arrival of Christmas, but resistance is futile and I've now decided, if you can't beat 'em, join em!

So, for the festive season here are a few websites to visit.

Advent Calendars

Ok, so it's already the 6th of December, but it's easy to catch up;

The Woodlands calendar has geographical links and questions to answer

The Northumberland Grid for Learning site has lots of great content and they're back with a new calendar for 2007.

A few classes have been experimenting with making snowflakes. After creating them with 'virtual scissors' your snowflakes can be saved or even e-mailed dirct from the site.

Make a snowflake here.


max said...

the snowflake website is a great place to have a play around with some snowflakes and the shapes are really cool this would be more for pepole of younger ages the web link is on the ict blog you can have some good fun

Guy said... is a great website where you can design a snowflake. When you go into the website and click "Make your own Snowflake", you get a good animation of the paper folding up. When you have the triangle that you cut out of, your mouse turns into a pair of scissors, which you can use to cut bits of paper out. There is no limit to the amazing designs that you can make. I strongly reccomend this website to Reception and KS1 children, and KS2 children too!

luc said...

the website i use was great for year ones, not so much year sevens
we were able to construct a snowman using the website. it was easy to use the website even had a picture to copy if needed. i was able to make a snow flake in less than 1 minutes.

please visit this website now at:

max said...

The snowflaks wesite is a very fun way to have a play with some paper and cut out some snowflaks. This is a website more for the younger children. The link for the website is on the blog and have some fun

luc said...

It was eay to use. Year ones would enjoy it however year sevens wouldn't. I was able to contruct the snowman I less than one minute. I think KS1 would enjoy it.

please visit the website at:

Claire said... is a very creative website, the main activity is that you type a message in a white box such as Merry Christmas!
When you finished typing your message then you press sumit and a new window will appear. Then you wait the peguin to finish the animation and you would see the message on the ice hill, you could send it to your friends and Family or play the animation again. I think this website is suitable for everyone who likes sending cards to people for Christmas!

Sean said... is a good one. It's where you "make a friend for the snowman". I would recommend this fun activity maybe for Reception, P1, P2, and maybe even Key Stage 2! Probably not very suitable for Secondry People though, because it is in a very schildish font, and is probably designed for Reception and Key Stage 1... who knows?

Guy said... is another good website which gives you the chance to create a snowman from nothing. You are given a selection of everything from bodys to hats. It is a great, interactive way for KS1 children to enjoy making snowmen in Hong Kong!

Mira said... is a good one, you have to make a snowman friend. I recommend it for year 1 or 2. is quite nice, you have to put rudolph together. I recommend it for yesr 1/2's. is really good! You get to design your own stable and the things in it. I recommend it for year 2/3's. is good, you have to decorate the christmas tree. I recommend it more year 2/3's. is good, you have to match up the pairs, I recommend this for all ages!, I don't really like, all you do is go round santa's workshop and look at things, though tere is also a little movie, that is quite good. I recommend is this more year 4's.

Tim said...

The greatest website that
I have been on is the snowflake website. The instructions are very easy for it. Basically a piece of paper comes up and gets folded in different shapes and sizes. Once they have finished the mouse becomes a pair of scissors which you can cut through the paper. Then when you finish cutting it you click on preview snowflake and it opens the piece of paper. I strongly reccomend this website to KS1 and KS2. Here is the website:

matilda said...

The snowflake website is a good place for the year 1 and 2 to play around and design snowflakes.

Tara said...

'Rudolph is missing", is a fun and adventurous game. I recomend this game to P1's up to P4's. I t really is a big mystery as to where rudolph has gone, can you help find him? If your up for the chanllenge visit, ,I hope you find him in time for Christmas!!!

Meg said... is a website suitable for yr3 and below. When you come to the first page, it will say to type a message and it can be any thing! You should probably type in something to do with christmas, such as: presents or christmas! Then you will come to a snow mountain and a penguin will apear. Hopefully the y3 or below will enjoy watching the penguin glide around on the mountain. At the end there will be a surprise and to find out what that is visit the website seen above!

Claire said...

I think is a very good website for young education. When the window is opened star will appear on the screen and it will write a word. This website is suitable for children in KS1 especially Reception.