Monday, 8 October 2007

Google Sketchup

Every so often a piece of software comes along that could have a serious impact on the classroom and Google Sketchup clearly fits into that category. A 3-D modelling program that can be used to design the simplest of shapes through to virtual and real-world cities through to complex engineering drawings. And for an added bonus it's absolutely free!

We had a brief look at Sketchup last year, but now Year 7 have started investigating what it can do. Both P5 and P6 can also expect to spend some of their ICT lessons working on it later in the year, too.

Not only are there a range of creative, ICT related activities that can be carried out with Sketchup, but aspects of the D&T curriculum can also be tackled.

You can download Sketchup for free by clicking here.

Model created by Zach Moore. Textures created by Matt Brown

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