Thursday, 29 March 2007


Wow!!! Can't actually belive that this is SO good! It's apsolutely Great! Fantastic! Brillant! Amazing!

Cooking On The Internet

Have you ever tried getting recipes off the internet for cooking? Alot of them are not giving enough information, I tried making a recipe last week, you really have to be careful that they are corect, cause if there not you could have some really disgusting food.On the other hand if they are right you could have some very great food on your hands. When you go to find the recipe, make sure it has different posted recipes, make the one that sounds the best.Good Luck!


Candystand is a game website with lots of fun games. The website is . You can create an account and earn trophies for getting a certain number of points games. You can challenge other people with accounts to see who can get more points in a certain game that both players agree on. You can also see others players trophy room and you can also put a favourite game down. There are categories of games. Candystand is a fun game website suitable for everybody in the family.


mIRC is a downloadable IRC (Internet Relay Chat) cilent. It is by far one of the best, and is the most accessable to access the IRC server. It can host scripts, but most importantly it can access different servers, but you might not want to go to them. I have no idea which servers you might like to connect to, but just a tipoff, every server that I know of starts with 'irc'. Servers ususally are in the format:
A simple script would be, (in the mIRC scripting language), is: on *:ACTION:*:#: { (slaps isin $1-) && ($me isin $1-) { describe $chan slaps $nick back.} } It would 'do' slaps (the name of the person) back. It would be triggered using a '/me slaps (your name)'. Where the 'ACTION:*:#:' is, you could replace the '#' with the 'channel' that it would be triggered, and the '*' Could be replaced by 'slaps', so you could remove the { (slaps isin $1-) && ($me isin $1-) and the last bracket (}) at the end.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Calling All Authors

Could all those newly accredited authors from Computer Club test out their ability to post new threads to the blog?

Let us know if it doesn't work by commenting below, so we can work out what to do next!

Many thanks

Mr D

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Computer Club

Our Computer Club started in January this year. We meet every Thursday before school. So far we have been looking at producing a school podcast. We have a number of interviews and now need to spend time editing the sound before we can host the broadcast.

Computer Club is a good opportunity to try out different things and investigate new technologies, some of which may be used in the classroom.

Do you have any ideas about the sort of things you would like to cover in the coming weeks?

Monday, 12 March 2007

Photo Comp Closed

The Digital Photography Competition has now closed for entries. Reception pupils have an extra week to submit their entries as they will be having support during lesson times.

Many thanks to all those who took the time and trouble to enter and to all those parents who helped out with some of the more technical aspects. Some of the pictures are absolutely stunning and judging will be very difficult.

Results will be known at the end of the week beginning 19th March.

Good luck to all!

No ICT???

Week beginning 12th March sees the ICT room shut, as training for staff on the new database is taking place. With large numbers of pupils disappearing off to camp, quite a few lessons would have been cancelled anyway, so it's not a complete disaster.

Any pupils or classes wishing to continue with their ICT projects can have access to a laptop. The ICT room will also be available before school as normal, and Computer Club and Kellett Tellit will also take place in their normal slots.