Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Digital Photography Competition 2008

One of the highlights of last year was Kellett School's first Digital Photography Competition. Pupils throughout the school entered, from Reception through to Year Six. A winner was declared for all the year groups and an overall winner also selected, pictured here.

The quality of entries was very impressive, making the judging extremely difficult. Hopefully, we will see an even larger entry for this year's competition.

The theme of the competition for this year is travel. Students are encouraged to take photographs having travelled 'somewhere'. This could be whilst on holiday during Chinese New Year, or simply whilst visiting somewhere in Hong Kong, e.g. Ocean Park. A few pupils have been a bit confused, thinking that the idea is to take a photo of a means of travel, such as an aeroplane! THIS IS NOT THE CASE! The theme of travel is as loose as possible so as to encourage as many entries as possible.

Pupils can use their own camera, or borrow somebody elses, but they can only enter photographs that they have taken themselves. If pupils wish to enter a portfolio of work rather than individual photos they may do so... quite a few did that last year.

The competition is a digital one, so paper copies of photos will not be accepted. Entries must be via a digital method, such as e-mail, or cd-rom or USB memory stick. If pupils would like to bring in the memory cards from their cameras, any one of the ICT team will help to download the photos. If you're a bit stuck about how to enter your photos we can help you sort them out...just ask.

The winning entries will be displayed around the school and on our web site and blog.

Well done to those pupils who have already entered. The closing date is the final day of this term; Tues 18th March

As usual in this type of competition, all judges decisions are final!

Good luck!!

Mr D

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