Monday, 5 May 2008

Day Two

Didn't get to blog too much from Day Two... my battery ran out! So how was it? Well, after session one it was a chance to listen to Jamie McKenzie speak again about digital lessons. His session was simple yet completely captivating and showed easy ways for teachers to include digital media in their lessons with the minimum of fuss. He clearly understands that it's not the technology that matters, it's the learning and teaching that counts, not to forget the thinking!

A very pleasant lunch with staff fom Yew Chung International School who were there in force. We swap a few ideas and discuss the idea of visiting in the future.

A fascinating Q&A session followed with the two keynote speakers and Ed Wickins, Principal of hosts KGV. All endorsed the idea that schools should promote a culture of innovation, risk-taking and excitement. There was also broad agreement that our assessment system needs to change and adapt to the needs of the 21st Century.

Back to the Apple Classroom for the final session of the conference. Lots of great stuff from presenter Gilbert as he gave us a whirlwind tour of some of the extras packed in to Apple's iLife and Leopard platform. I left even more determined to explore some of these avenues.

Around 350 teachers attended the conference and there was a real buzz about the sorts of things schools in HK are doing to come to terms with teaching for the future. There is a clear determination to continue to network and swap ideas. The conference NING platform is a testament to that.

There are exciting times ahead, and as Mark Treadwell said in his keynote;

"If you think things are changing fast now, you'd better get a seatbelt. It's going to get a lot faster."

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