Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Parent Resources

Day three of Robyn's visit began with a session for Educational Support Assistants. The staff listened intently to Robyn and there were lots of questions at the end!

Feedback from yesterday's Parent Forum continues to be positive and for those who wish to read further or who couldn't make yesterday's meeting, here are a number of resources to help you out.
  • A summary of Robyn's discussion with parents is now available and can be viewed here.
  • Childnet International offers a variety of resources to support students, teachers and parents. Click here to visit
  • Digizen hosts a variety of resources including the film Let's Fight It Together used with our older students. Click here to visit
  • Kidsmart is another good source for support and parental advice and includes an interactive presentation which is a great help. Click here to visit
  • Symantec also offer a set of resources including a checklist for parents. Click here to visit

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