Friday, 12 March 2010

ICT & School Council Digital Photography Competition

Here's a sneak preview from our recent competition. Many thanks and well done to all those who entered. The results will be announced by the School Council in the next couple of weeks.

2010 Photo Competiton Preview on PhotoPeach


Anonymous said...
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Emma said...

Wow! The photos are brilliant .... it's going to be a hard competition to judge!

Miss Adams

Anonymous said...

That slideshow was amazing!I don't know how the school council can decide who will win out of those brilliant photos that only kids took in there own time.

Kareem Abuali

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!There defiantly going to be tough to decide on....

Y7 Lions

Anonymous said...

Spectacular pictures. I loved the sunset and HK at night.

Keeley Jones P2-9

Anonymous said...

Nice!!!!!! But you should really put up the pics from the secondary school. Good work guys and gals, KEEP IT UP!!!!

Oliver Edmonds
Y7 Lions
Kellett Secondary School