Tuesday, 26 June 2007

New Building

On Saturday the teaching staff took the opportunity to tour the new building. Sadly, the lifts have not yet had their final inspection which meant we all had to walk to the very top before we could begin the tour!

It was very exciting to see all the new rooms, especially the Library Study Room which will be fully equipped with Macbooks during the next two months.

After spending quite a lot of time viewing the plans over the last six months I was surprised how big many of the rooms were, although they will be smaller when the furniture arrives.

We also have over 100 new computers arriving over the next two months, so it will be a busy time for all involved.


Anonymous said...

am i the only one who has time to read this?


Kellett School said...


Anonymous said...

I have just read this too.... new building looks great especially my new office!!!! ( - ;

Mrs Pratt