Thursday, 19 July 2007

CP3 Conference

Instead of dodging the showers in the UK I'm attending Film Education's CP3 Conference. Having warmed up with a session using iLife, we were then treated to a keynote speech by Ben Gibson from the London Film School.

Ben talked about the theory and practice of film-making arguing that they are much more related than many think.

Sessions on Day Two began with a reflection of how teachers and professionals from cinema can work together and what issues often occur.

It was then time for some hands on work as we looked at different ways of tackling images and creating movies from paintings... a great activity that will find it's way into our classrooms at some point in the near future!

A look at the new Literacy Framework was a breath of fresh air and did more to validate the changes we are making to the way ICT is used within the curriculum at Kellett. Year 5 students will be pleased to note that The Piano featured strongly within this presentation... well done to Miss Bradley and Mr Hulbert!!

An afternoon investigating the possibilites of games technology followed. Clearly we have already made good progress here with our work on Rollercoaster Tycoon and the Literacy work that supported it. We need to enhance our games work further down the school, even though Badger Trails continues to be a great success at Year 3.

Anyway, I'll be hoping to report that I upheld the Kellett tradition in the Quiz Night tonight!!

Mr D.

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