Friday, 15 February 2008

Feeling Cold?

Here's one of the entries to the Digital Photography Competition. It should make you feel a bit warmer! Don't forget, you've got until the end of term to get your entries in.

As the ICT room is one of the warmest rooms in the school, we've been a popular destination for pupils and staff all week.

Well done to Miss Gough and Mrs Pratt for getting their blogs up and running. You can visit them via the links below. Why not pop in and say hello in the Comments section.

Kellett Library Blog

Kellett PE Blog


Claire said...

Its a great photo! Of course, becuase its MINE!
What do you think people?

Paul McMahon (LSA) said...

Fantastic to see all of the blogs forming at Kellett. Let's hope that they get some good comments and build a social network that extends the school beyond the walls.
Good Luck!
Paul Mc