Thursday, 13 March 2008

E-Learning During School Closure

With the school temporarily closed, the teachers have been working hard to ensure there's plenty to do over the next few days. P5 teachers pictured contemplating their learning objectives.

All year groups have homework provided on their individual pages, which can be accessed via the Useful Websites section here.

The specialist teachers have also provided homework which can be found on their pages; Art, Chinese Studies and PE all have lots of activities for you. If you're reading this you've already done some ICT! Why not carry on down the page and follow some of the links to sites such as Brainbox Challenge and the National Geographic channel. The archived site to the right also has plenty of info for you to look at.

It's good to see the Year 6 teachers using a Web 2.0 platform to communicate with students. The Kellett Ning now has audio by Miss Nichol and Miss Hitchcox reading their class text, as well as links to a popular video sharing site! The forum is available for students in Year 6 to post their homework too.

I wonder if anybody is able to give an audio or video response!???

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