Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Another Year 7 short movie project as a result of collaboration between English and ICT.
The hardest part of this one was getting the normally exciting teacher to sound boring... what great acting!!


Mira said...

I like how they merge the movies and picture together
I like how they stop and then resume the music after the book hit the table
Pictures are blurry (rollercoaster)
It doesn’t credit the music they used
I like how Mr. Dawes’ voice fades out and the music comes in

Guy said...

Good movie! There are some good and bad bits of the movie

Good Points

• Point of view shot
• High shot
• Eye-level shot
• Good timing when the music stops.
• Appropriate music

Points of improvement

• No music credits
• No picture credits
• Most pictures are bad quality

And nice acting Mr. Dawes!

TIMMY said...

Great Movie! The film Daydreaming was a very good film. All the camera shots and the technical filming were excellent. The pictures were a bit blurred so it was hard to make out what it was. There was a good choice of camera shots especially when the teacher slaps the book on the table and tells them not to daydream. The pictures also described the story to the viewer.

Jessica said...

This 'Daydreaming' film was the film that I was in. I think that the quality of the pictures that I was daydreaming of was very poor. It wasn’t very high quality and it was hard to see. Also, it was the same structure through the whole film (meaning that the camera was filming me, then the window, then a daydreaming picture) so it came out pretty long. But, I think the music was pretty good because it fit well with the story of the film.

Guy said...

Another point of improvment for this movie is that when the daydreaming girl is being filmed at eye level, the camera is shaky. They should have used a tri-pod.

luc said...

The Great Chase

•The angle of the camera gave affect, it helps to build tension.
•the story has a few problems shut as the timing is completely wrong
Some of the video clips don’t need to be in the movie cause they make some of the timing wrong.

Day Dreaming

•The timeline didn’t interest me
•Pictures out of focus
•The only interesting bit is when the teacher slaps the paper on the desk
•The teacher’s voice and the music didn’t work when they overlapped.

Anonymous said...


•The music works really well with the story.
•I thought that the silhouette worked well in the playground.
•Some of the scenes were dramatic.
•They had some problems.
•Luc looks lonely and makes you fell sorry for him.
•They had lots of different camera angles that made the movie effective.

Day dreaming

•I liked the way Mr. Dawes talks and his voice fades away as the music comes in.
•I liked the pictures they put in.
•The music worked well with the movie.
•I also like the way how the music suddenly stops and Mr. Dawes talks.
•I think Claire shouldn’t have jumped back with her arms crossed and the teacher slams the book on the table.
•When I saw the day dreaming movie it kind of reminded me of myself.


Claire said...

I think it is very good and especially the slap on the table, it was an effective ending. To improve the movie, I think it needs to be shorter and more interesting, because most of the movie was just showing Jessica’s face and the direction she is looking at which is the window and we can zoom in her face more too.

max said...

Good moive some of it was bad and some was good.

good transitions and some good filming.

good pictures but the qulity was very bad.


to use a better qaulity pictures

and the filming was shakey

Jake... said...

The Great Chase
• All of the movie – good quality
• Good music
• Funny idea
• Good editing
• Unknown floor exit (with the ball)
• Good but the story line has some small problems like her being gone and what floor they are on in the end.
• Good angles

• Bad quality filming
• Good music
• Effective exit of darkness
• Teacher exits first (good)
• Shakes way too much on the way down stairs
• Effective by making him tiny in the doorway
• Good circle of Luc in the playground (when it goes dark)
• Sleeves up then down (bad editing)

Alex said...


•I like the way Mr. Dawes’s voice is faded out and into the music
•I think that they have repeated the dream for too long but had the right idea
•I think when the teacher slams the book on the table Claire shouldn’t have jumped as much, although it is funny.
•I like the idea of daydreaming It reminds me of myself
•I thought the way the camera man’s angling and height adjustment paid of because it really looked like you were actually jess looking from her point of view.

by Alex

Meg said...

Day Dreaming

I think the most effective part of the movie was near the beginning, when the teacher’s voice fades under the music. It shows that the girl is pushing all that away.

The filming of the girl was quiet good although sometimes the camera was a bit shaky. Also the picture quality was not always very good.

My favorite part of the movie was at the end when the teacher slams a book down on the table. I think this is effective because it is a good way of bringing you back to the real world. After all it is day dreaming.

The editing was good because they fixed all the little things to make one big thing. Also their choice of music was very good.