Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Year 7 Video - The Great Chase

In a project with ICT and English, Year 7 pupils have been scripting, shooting and editing a short movie. Groups of 3-5 students worked together on producing the films.

Using Media Wales' "Making Movies Make Sense" to help them understand about camera angles and composition, they tried to use different techniques to help convey meaning in their work.

As usual, in any film project, much of the hard work is carried out without a camera in hand, namely planning and editing. The project was a great success and students learnt lots about the film-making process. It was good to see that even at the end of the project they all had ideas about how they could further improve their work if they had the opportunity.

Well done to all those involved.

The first film follows;


Jessica said...

I like the part when Guy says don’t take the ball to Alex, and she suddenly comes back because just at that point, the music start loudly again.
The camera shot at the beginning was good because you could get a good look at Alex and Guy at the same time.

Claire said...

I think the combination is excellent, especially the part when the boy find the ball in the lift.
I also like the part when Alex grabs the ball and runs away.
To improve the movie, I think there shouldn’t be any music when Guy is kicking the ball, until Guy starts to chase Alex for the ball. Then it will be a great and adventurous chase.

Meg said...

The Great Chase

I thought the music worked really well, especially when the girl walks away and then comes back there is a sudden rush of music and the Chase begins.

The filming of guy getting in and out of the lift was really effective. I liked how it came from all angles. Also again the music worked really well.

My favorite part of the movie is near the end when the lift is empty and just the ball comes up in the lift and the girl disappears. I think it is really affective because it shows that the girl was just being annoying.

The editing was very good because I know that they filmed a lot to get it right and they had to re-film sometimes. They defiantly found the right kind of music for the movie.

Mira said...

I like the music; it fits in with the movie
Good use of different shots
Good mysterious ending
I like the part the part where Alex runs away with the ball

Sean said...


• I like “other” in the credits – It’s good to put everyone in the credits
• The Clip at 00:01:10 is very good because Luc goes all black.
• You might need to improve the clip at 00:00:52 because it’s too wobbly
• The clip at 00:01:15 is good because Luc is the only one who’s not having fun

The Great Chase

• The clips at 00:01:08 and 00:01:13 are funny because Guy seems so amused that Alex stole his ball.
• The clips change with the music. Fantastic! You’re the only group that did that!!!
• When Guy pressed the lift button at 00:00:46, the music had a good sound effect with it. Brilliant!

TIMMY said...

Another Great Movie! I think the Great Chase was a good movie because it has a very good story to it. All the camera shots and technical filming was excellent because it was like watching a very famous film. A good choice of camera shots was when Guy was waiting for the elevator and the camera is right under his nose. This is very effective in the film. Anytime you watch this film you can always tell what the story is about.

Anonymous said...

•I thought the music worked well for effect.
•All of the camera angels were good.
•My favorite part was the ending when the ball is in the lift.
•The part when the girl takes the ball and the boy dose not notice


Anonymous said...

•The transitions worked well into the dream scene.
•The photos were bad quality.
•Too long.
•Camera angels were good.
•My favorite part was the banging book at the end.


Guy said...

Our movie was quite good, but there a few bad things

Good things

- Change in music when the girl goes into the lift
- Change in music when I go into the lift
- Timing
- Credited music
- Lots of camera angles
- My hand hitting button
- Film behind ball

Bad things

- When I run round to the liftlobby, I stay behind the wall for a long time when Alex gets into the lift
- Forgot to mute 1 part in the lift
- Bad soccer skills