Thursday, 2 August 2007

Creating A FIlm

For the final practical session at the CP3 Conference, delegates worked in small groups planning, shooting and editing a three minute film based on a short story.

With some of the excellent buildings available at the University of Leicester it was possible to shoot in a variety of locations to construct our story. Working with Damaris from CLEO and Brigette from Moor House School in Oxted we spent four hours collecting enough footage to convey a fair amount of the story.

However, the real skill was in the editing and this proved to be extremely challenging, taking us almost as long as the filming itself. We did manage to piece together our work pretty well and the overall result was fairly pleasing, despite some dodgy acting from the male member of the group!

Careful planning was a key aspect of the process and this is something that's easy to forget in a classroom situation. Likewise, the importance of editing.

Day Four ended with a presentation of all 16 films created by the delegates at CP3. There were a wide variety of interpretations of the text and some really impressive film-making.

The task was an extremely challenging one for delegates both in technical and practical terms, but it also helped us to think about how the process of film-making can be tackled by our students.

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