Saturday, 4 August 2007

Surf's Up

It seems ages ago that we spent time with some of Year 6 looking at the trailer for Surf's Up. We played the video with sound only to allow us to think of how the film might look. It was impossible to know from the sound only version that the hero was a penguin!

Well, the film has been released in HK now and it's well worth a visit; great animation, good sense of humour and a mighty soundtrack. It's the best film about talking penguins that I've seen in ages...

The official web site is a cracker too, not only do you get all the usual trailers and clips, there's a nice video editing program that allows you to edit together a SPEN (Sport Penguin Entertainment Network) show via a video timeline... good practice for video editing work in the forthcoming year.

Here's the link.

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