Monday, 20 August 2007

Avril in HK

Avril Lavigne's show at Asia Expo on the weekend was a great chance to see how the Canadian singer was able to handle a large venue, and the sell-out crowd present were treated to a barnstorming show from the outset. Her latest album featured heavily amongst the songs performed, with Girlfriend kicking off the show. There aren't many poor songs in her catalogue and she dutifully pulled out all the old favourites from Sk8tr Boi through to a final rendition of Complicated, which followed a cover of Blink 182's Small Things.

One or two Kellett students, past and present were spotted amongst the audience, so any opinions on the evening would be gratefully received by this blog! You know who you are!

Lavigne's popularity on the net means that her videos are often used as inspirations for Machinima. Machinima is a relatively new form of film where film-makers can use the graphics engines of computer games such as Sims2 to script and shoot their own movies. Many games designers are now incorporating aspects of Machinima into their games designs which will results in ease of use as well as improved quality of the end product.

We hope to have a look at aspects of Machinima before the year is out at Kellett.

The video below is a Machinima version of Avril Lavigne's Sk8tr Boi. Click on the arrow to play the track.

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