Thursday, 12 June 2008

P6 Show

It's showtime! The P6 show week comes to a climax tomorrow with the performance of the play, School Daze. This morning saw the dress rehearsal take place and if that was anything to go by the parents are in for a real treat tomorrow night.

Great perfomances all round and some rousing songs combined with some hilarious insights into what really happens in school. Well done to all those involved.

To make the morning even more amazing, we welcomed a very special guest to Kellett to witness the dress rehearsal! Mig Ayesa is currently in Hong Kong starring as the lead in the Ben Elton musical "We Will Rock You" and agreed to drop in to watch the show as a result of meeting some of our students after a performance at the Lyric Theatre. Mig has played the part of Galileo in the show across the world, but gained worldwide fame as a result of finishing in the final three of the tv show Rockstar:INXS. He has also recorded with Queen guitarist Brian May and last year released his own CD.

Mig stayed for the whole rehearsal offering words of advice and encouragement to the cast and then congratulated them on their excellent show. He also posed for a number of photos, but the highlight was undoubtedly an impromptu performace of the Queen classic 'We Will Rock You' with the cast providing the backing vocal. An unforgettable experience for all those involved.

Well done to those students who invited Mig and a special thanks to all those involved behind the scenes in helping to ensure his visit was kept as a big surprise for all those present! Lastly, of course, a huge thankyou to Mig for taking time out of his gruelling performance schedule to spend so long with our students and giving so freely of his time.


FUCHSIA said...

Hi there,

It seemed like a great performance! I enjoyed to read it. Oh, I'm FUCHSIA in Tokyo Japan. I'm sure you know where it is. I create MiG Japan Fan Site and show MiG's activities to the Japanese fan. You got fantastic photos with MiG. That's awesome! Who took those? Your teacher or someone? Would you mind if I tell this article and pics on my site with a credit of your school? Visit MiG Japan Site. Here's the URL.
Look forward to hear from you.


FUCHSIA said...

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for a reply. I put some your pics on my site. I considered those images were processed not to be able to identify an individual. Also I didn't link with your school to avoid access concentration either. Is that fine to you? By the way, your school is in Hong Kong? Hope you'll find the way out to posting your comment on MiG Japan Site one day.(wink)

Thanks! Bless Kellett School.