Thursday, 19 June 2008

To Firefox or not?

Fifteen years ago when I started using the web, the Mozilla browser was the one I used. I stubbornly stayed with it for a couple of years before switching to Internet Exlorer. After all, it came bundled with any PC I bought so was easy to use. Mozilla continued to exist and has recently begun to make huge gains in the battle of the browsers with Firefox.

The recent release of Firefox 3 was heralded alongside a bid to break the world record for downloads. Indeed, over 8 million downloads occured in 24 hours, one of which was me! I've been using Firefox at home for a while now and I'm increasingly seeing it as my main browser. As far as the technical workings of the browser are concerned I'm not at all interested. What I do know is that all the sites I use work straight away in Firefox. They certainly don't do that in Internet Exlporer 7. Well, it's now on my classroom PC and I'm expecting to use it more and more from now on. Year 7/8 pupils have the choice of using Firefox on their 121 laptops, and whilst it is unlikely that the whole school moves away from IE, it's certainly worth bearing this in mind.

One of our pupils, Jake, is in no doubt as to which browser is best;

"Some differences between Mozzila Firefox and Internet Explorer are that depending on which Internet Explorer you have (6 and below) you do not have tabs, Firefox has better streaming of video and better quality picures on the internet only, also Firefox automatically signs you into google blogger. These are some of the differences between Mozzila Firefox and Internet Explorer. I highly recommend Firefox over Internet Explorer."

That's good enough for me.

One thing worth bearing in mind was that the only time I checked my school e-mail on an Apple Mac without issue was when I was using Firefox.

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