Thursday, 19 March 2009

Another Great Application

I'm pretty sure it was Lee Kolbert who first pointed out what a great web site Today's Meet is. Originally designed to run as a back channel during conference presentations, this excellent tool offers a time limited, Twitter style communication platform that could be used by classroom teachers.

Last week I asked our teachers to use Todays Meet to think of ways that it could be utilised to help teaching and learning.

This is what they came up with;
  • If you are watching video footage as a stimulus, children can enter their first responses as they watch the footage, note taking on a forum basis
  • I can see this being used as a homework tool. Set a problem to be solved and the children respond and can see all other responses
  • I'm wondering if this can be used across a year group so all three classes could see peers comments on a common topic e.g. Cross class collaboration
  • This would be great for evaluating artists' work. All children can respond to the art work at the same time as well as responding to each other
  • It could provide a platform for older pupils to have discussions for group homework. Providing an open "room" for ideas to be easily shared.
  • Students could post arguments for science ethics topics, either for or against and then discuss in class
  • Students can make a brief comment on a text I have set them for homework!
  • It would be amazing as a homework tool for our Big Talk Topics - children can post comments about the topic as well as the 'dinner talk'
  • Real time peer assessment of presentations.

These are just a few ideas complied over a rushed Friday - there's clearly lots of scope for using this tool and we'll be trying out some different ways in the coming weeks. If anybody is using this in an educational context, please let us know!

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