Monday, 30 March 2009

Kellett Is a Nice School

It's important to make that clear before we continue with this thread! The short films you are about to view bare no relation to what school life is really like at Kellett!

Year 7 students have just completed their English/ICT film module. During the module they are encouraged to look at aspects of movie making, including scripting, directing and editing. They also have to story board their films, file a shooting schedule and arrange for props and locations themselves. Important lessons include how to frame action and how to ensure continuity within their films.

Three of the completed films are shown below.

This is the second year we've worked on this project and again it has been a huge success. Working with a much larger year group was challenging but the students rose to the challenge and applied themselves really well. A great job!

If Teacher Tube is downloading slowly, the movies are also hosted on our Youtube page here.

1 comment:

Claire said...

The Note:
This was a excellent video. I really liked it when both of the girls looks at the diary at the same time making tension. For improvements, maybe a bit more expression when reading the letter and show that she is scared.

The Follower:
Liked the angles of the camera, the part with the follower's foot was very good. Maybe fix the mistakes when editing it.

The Mysterious man:
Great! Maybe more details and story into it!