Friday, 13 March 2009

The Non-Netbook

I love this video which is currently doing the rounds and is beginning to attain cult status as viewing figures go through the roof. It is apparently the result of an impromtu walkabout by a teacher in a classroom at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.

The ensuing conversation, whilst being very funny, raises huge issues and questions with regard to how our students see their use of knowledge resources.

We could of course discuss the implications that this has for us as teachers... but I don't have a spare 20 hours to consider it at the moment so I'm just enjoying it instead!

My favourite bit is when he clicks on the word to try to get some context help.

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Fishy Boy said...

If you wanted to see something a bit like this, you should read the short story "The Fun they Had". It is a really interesting story, set in 2157. It is about two children who live in a world where they have electronic teachers. Then one of them finds a book about "old fashioned school" (the school we go to).